Borovets for a day

Sofia is definitely not one of the most beautiful European capitals, but it does have a list of activities that are not more than an hour away from its center and that are more than exciting. Skiing in Borovets is one of them.

Borovets is the first ski resort in Bulgaria – last year it celebrated its 120th anniversary, and even though it has the modest 58km of ski slopes, the view you can enjoy from the top slope (at 2560 m) is breathtaking – of course if you are lucky enough to have plenty of sun shining and zero of wind blowing.

We weren’t that lucky with the weather as it chose to be very eclectic on the 5th day of February and to offer us an all-inclusive treatment with rain, snow, sun and mindblowingly strong wind. But we caught sight of a distant rainbow, we made a wonderful sun-and-wind magazine-like accidental photo of an unknown snowboarder,and we made great gif-s of the floating clouds above us. And all that for less than 20 EUR.


3 thoughts on “Borovets for a day

  1. 20 Euro? That’s insane. Here in Colorado, USA, a lift ticket to any of the major resorts will run you over $100 USD. Rentals, etc— another $50 or so.

    Of course, Bulgaria is much, much cheaper than the US. Still, that cheap for skiing blows my mind.


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