Vitosha for another day

Have you read my Borovets blog post? Well, this is something like Part 2 of the great activities you can do around Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. And actually, now that I go through the other European capitals, I cannot think of any other that has its own ski resort.

Vitosha is the name of the mountain in skirts of which Sofia was comfortably settled. Its highest peak is Cherni Vrah (or Black Peak from Bulgarian) that is 2290m high. And guess what – you can also ski there.

You don’t need a car in order to reach the ski slopes of Vitosha – you can get there by public transport (Number 93 that is not very frequent) or you can take the gondola from Simeonovo.

There are not so many ski slopes in Vitosha, but the ski park offers a night skiing which starts at 18:30 and ends at 21:30 and the ticket is only 11 EUR. But mind that the ski rental shops are not open at that time, so you should have your own equipment.

Of course, there are plenty of other things that you can also see in Vitosha – like the Boyana Church and Dragalevski Monastery, but they are more suitable for a summer walk. And will be described in some other blog post 🙂


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