Where to eat when in Samokov, Bulgaria?

Samokov is not one of the top 10 tourist destinations in Bulgaria. But its proximity to the ski resort of Borovets and the spa town of Sapareva Banya makes it popular enough to be on the touristic map of the country.

Some historic facts: like almost 99 % of the towns and villages in Bulgaria, Samokov is old- to be precise – it is very old. Actually as a settlement it dates back to the Roman times, and in XIV century it appeared on the map as a famous mining settlement, and it grown to be one of the big economic centers.

Nowadays there is not so much of this glory left but you if you happen to visit Samokov you can have a look at the unique 2-century old churches in the town with unique wood carvings.

Also you can enjoy some of the ridiculously  cheap and delicious Bulgarian food in the local restaurants. One of them is the Kaimakanova Kushta restaurant. The portions are enormous, the beans soup is only 0,45 EUR, and a bottle of beer is not more than 1 EUR. The salads are huge enough for 2-3 persons and you will not want to miss out ordering at least one “purlenka” for yourself – a flat bread with butter and herbs which is the perfect buddy for your dish.


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