Barcelona by foot

We arrived in Barcelona on my birthday. After a 3-hour flight strating from the rainy and cold Sofia, and nearly 40-minute ride from El Prat airport to the city center, we finally arrived at the sunny Passeig de Gràcia to be welcomed by the flamboyant Batllo House. That was my first sight of Barcelona and its streets. And my reaction was “wow”. We decided that we should lose no time in travelling by public transport so that we could take advantage of the good weather and enjoy the coloros of Barcelona as much as possible.

After the first selfies were taken and the first check-ins – done – the exploration began. The city and street art lurks from every corner of Barcelona so keep your eyes open. It is not only Gaudi and Joan Miro.

Some tips for exploring Barcelona by foot:

  • First thing – be prepared to walk a lot!
  • Get at least two pairs of comfortable shoes.
  • Get a T10 ticket for the longer distances – of course it will be an extremely long walk if you decide to reach the Magic Fountain, from, let’s say – Park Guell, so occassionally you will need to take the public transport. The cheapest option for you would be the T10 ticket – that covers 10 journeys for as many people as you choose to use it for. It costs only 10 EUR, so, yes – one journey, one euro. And the best thing is that it is valid for the Renfe train that goes from El Prat to the Barcelona city center – pretty cool, since the single train ticket costs around 4-5 EUR.
  • Get an accommodation somewhere close to the city center.
  • Approach your city exploration by foot in a structured way – for example, you can visit the Gothic Quarter and La Rambla, along with La Boqueria on your first day, and then continue with Born center and the Cuitadella Park on the second one. Of course, all those are really touristic places but they definitely worth the visit.

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