Sant Jordi and San Vicente Ferrer by chance – Part 2

Ok, it is time for the second part of my trip to Spain in April 2017 – Valencia.

My friends and I got there on April 23rd – exactly on Sant Jordi’s day that is celebrated in Barcelona – thinking that we had missed the best flowery moments of the Catalonia capital city. Well, probably we really missed some great romantic shots, but another kind of festivity was waiting for us in Valencia – that of San Vicente Ferrer – the most ancestral legacy of religious life, present in the city since 1561.

The day of San Vicente Ferrer – one of the most influential intellectuals and philosophers of his time, is usually celebrated on the second Monday after the Easter week. The holiday is very typical for Valencia, as San Vicente Ferrer is one of the city’s patron saints.

The day really renders some extraordinary atmosphere as the celebrations are marked by long solemn processions of people from different neighbourhoods of the city dressed up in their typical national costumes and walking slowly under the rhythm of slow drumbeat. A huge amount of locals and tourists gathers to join the festivity and have a look at the statute of the saint. The holiday spirit could be felt actually all day long as the central beach of the city was quite stacked with people for a random Monday afternoon.

These evening processions culminate in night candle processions which are followed by the so-called “els altars” – representations and dramatisaitons of the San Vicente Ferrer’s life and miracles with actors under 13 years of age. I tried to stop and ask several people for more details but with my “almost intermediate” level of Spanish I could only understand that this festivity had some connections to the falleros tradition.

But whatever they explained more, what I am totally sure of is that being part of this festivity was really miraculous.



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